Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

Poor/Not Acceptable

10 pts
Not a very good effort, a lot of work is needed.
Fair/ Needs Work

20 pts
A satisfying effort, that could be better.

30 pts
An overall good effort, that perhaps needs some minor adjustments.

40 pts
An effort that exceeds expectations and is just brilliant!
Overall Performance
A judgement on the contestant's ability to present original material that draws a positive response from the audience with personality, originality and poise.
The performance was quite boring, although performers in the execution have great potential. Also there were multiple improvements that could have been made.The performance could be better but over all it was slightly amusing and contestants put forth a good effort.Very entertaining, the performance was fun and carried out very well, although they might have had a few minor errors or things that could be improved but overall it was still sensational!FANTASTIC! Performer(s) achieved all expectations and, performance was neat and appeared to be well rehearsed and organized and just fabulous on the whole!____
Audience Response
This judgement is not based solely on the final applause after the performance, Rather, it is judged based on the ability of the contestant to draw the audience into the performance, eliciting a positive response.
The performer(s) doesn't draw the audience in at all in the performance. Therefore, the audience is not amused, in fact they appear quite bored.The performance caught the crowd's attention to some degree, and received a fairly positive response from the audience in return.The performance drew the audience in therefore the crowd is enjoyed the performance. The performance received a good positive response from the crowd.The crowd loved the performer(s) and the performers loved the crowd! The performer(s) beautifully drew the crowd in, and earned a wonderful response from the audience.____
Stage Appearance and Presence
A judgement on the performer(s) attitude, including their originality personality, confidence, their eye contact with the audience and professionalism (their reaction to mistakes, giggling during the performance, etc.) Also a judgement on their overall appearance's display.
The performer(s) presented themselves unorganized and messy. Sometimes they weren't in character. Along with that no, or very small amounts of personality, originality and confidence was shown. Also, there was barely any eye contact if any, and there is a lot of room for improvement.The performer(s) presented themselves slightly neatly, and cleanly, and in character. Little personality, confidence and originality was showcased, along with, some eye contact towards the audience. There is room for improvement.The performers(s) presented themselves neatly and cleanly, and in character. They were original and showcased confidence and personality and had good eye contact with the audience.The performer(s) presented themselves very neatly, cleanly, and in character, with a lot of confidence, personality and originality. Also they had good eye contact with the audience. They just gave off a very upbeat and amusing vibe. They exceeded expectations.____
The performer(s) ability to create a piece of work that is distinctive or different from the other performers. It takes creativity, ingenuity, confidence and personality to present an original piece.
The performance had many aspects of things that have been done before. Overall it wasn't very original and new.Some material in the performance were original and showcased creativity although few things have been repeated, along with that, a few adjustments are necessary.The performance was very original, and the work was distinctive among the other performances. Although one or two things could be described as cliche.The performance showcased originality, it had new material that wasn't seen before and that was distinctive from the other performances. Overall it was mind-blowing!____
A judgement on whether or not the performer(s) personality is displayed through out the performance.
No personality at all was shown in the performance. There was a slight show of personality but still some major improvements were needed.Personality was recognizable.Personality naturally came through!____
A judgement based on the creativity of the performer(s). For example did the performers have creative dance moves or were creative signs added to the performance?
The performance exhibits very little creativity whatsoever.There were some aspects of creativity in the performance.The performance was creative.Act was completely creative and unique. The act ROCKED!____
This is a judgement on purely the organization of the performance. For example, was the spacing off in the performance, or were words forgotten in the performance, or were dancers coordinated?
Act lacked organization and coordination. The performance seemed like it wasn't too rehearsed.Act had some organization and coordination. Although, improvement was still required. The performance seemed to be slightly rehearsed.Act was organized and coordinated almost fully. Act still needed some tweaking. The act showed potential. The performance appeared to have been practiced a few times.Act was completely organized and coordinated. The performance appeared to be well rehearsed.____



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