Rules & Regulations

  1. Please fill out the registration form in full and submit along with you video recording.
  2. All entries must be received by Midnight of February 5th (PST). All entrants will receive a time-stamped confirmation for both their registration form and their video submission. We advise you not to wait until the last minute to submit, as ISP’s can fail, and malfunction due to weather problems.
  3. Your video needs to represent you well, as finalists will be selected from their video recordings exclusively. The LIVE auditions take place at the San Ramon Marriott on the evening of April 30th.
  4. All selected finalists must be available on April 30th for a sound check prior to the auditions.
  5. Finalists are encouraged to invite their parents, family and friends to support them at the talent competition. Tickets for the dinner and talent competition are TBA and can be purchased at the District 5170 Conference website. Please note that tables sell out early so you are encouraged to purchase your tickets early. The competition consists of 7 finalists from a broad spectrum of talent. Each performance is limited to 3 minutes. Finalists will lose 5 points off their total score for going over time.
  6. All entrants must be members of Rotary International InterAct Clubs within the 5170 District.
  7. The Talent Show is open to amateurs only. Union musicians or those whose talent provides more than 50 percent of their income (if income exceeds $7,500) are not permitted to enter.
  8. Vocalists may use recorded accompaniment tracts with vocal background, but there shall be no lead vocal on the tract. For recorded accompaniment, a CD with only one tract is recommended. Acts should bring a second CD as backup in case of malfunctions. Because of the quality deviations in CD recorders, not all self-made CDs are readable on all machines.
  9. Entries will be accepted in the following categories: vocal, dance, instrumental, comedy, magic, pantomime or scenes from a play or movie (if conductive to the stage setting). Due to set-up time limitations (no longer than one minute), acts with more than three single instruments or acts that include full drum sets will not be included in the Talent Show. Lip sync is not allowed.
  10. Your entry is officially the first round of the Talent Show contest. All contestants must perform the same act or musical selection at the final audition, that was submitted on their video submission and registration form. This includes number of people in the act. Exceptions regarding people in act may be made on a case-by-case basis if change does not enhance a performance or if a member is sick. Requests for exceptions must be made by the Talent Show Committee, as soon as possible, prior to Talent Show date. Contestants may perform only one number. Selection must be appropriate for family audience and may not include profanity, lewdness, racial or gender insults. Acts may not use fire, pyrotechnics, liquids, confetti, guns, sharp instruments such as knives or machetes, or any other substance or object that may prove hazardous or inappropriate.
  11. The performance may not exceed 3 minutes in length, with 30 seconds allowed for set-up, if any. Contestants exceeding the time limit will have 5 points deducted from their final score.
  12. Tryouts: After receiving all the entries, the committee will select applicants to perform at the final Talent Competition on April 30th, 2016. If you are selected to compete, you will receive an email letter of confirmation (with a notation to verify). You do not have to wear the attire you plan to compete in, in your video submission, but your attire must be within the bounds of good taste. No bikinis, or swimsuits, or overly provocative clothes may be worn.
  13. Finalist will be chosen on February 15th, 2016 and notified within 24 hours of that date.
  14. Finalist will compete in a final Talent Competition on the evening of April 30th, for cash prizes for first, second and third place. Cash prizes for first are $1000.00, for Second Place $500.00, for Third Place $250.00.
  15. Each contestant must perform an exact duplicate of their video. Should an act fail to perform at the Talent Competition, that act forfeits the right to perform later, or for further consideration. The vacated time slot will be assigned to the first available talent on the program list as established by the Talent Show Committee.
  16. The Talent Show Committee shall have sole authority in selecting acts in the competition, and providing judges for the final competition. The Director/Producer (who is not on the selection committee) will have control only of the scheduling of those selected and programming. Control over stage sets, sound, lights, power and overall (master) volume will be the responsibility of the Stage Manager.
  17. A contestant may only submit one application and can only appear in one act.
  18. Once a contestant has won the 2016 Talent Show, he/she/they will not be eligible to compete for the next three years at another District 5170 Talent Competition Event.
  19. All performance equipment is the sole responsibility of the act, other than an acoustic piano which will be available for use. The Talent Show Committee assumes no liability for said equipment or responsibility for procurement of same.
  20. Note: There is an acoustic piano available.
  21. The house sound system will be provided by the San Ramon, Marriott Hotel and will be scaled to the venue used and reasonable requirements of the contestants. The Talent Show Stage Manager will have absolute control over the sound system.
  22. No modification to stage acts, equipment or sound is to be made by any competitor without the approval of the Talent Show Stage Manager and coordinator.
  23. The Talent Show Committee will provide a green room for talent before the show, pizza and drinks. However the District and it’s members are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please use independent care and caution with your personal items.
  24. The District 5170 Talent Show may be photographed and video taped.
  25. All judges’ decisions are final and scores will not be released to contestants or the public.
  26. Acts requiring more than 12 FEET of ceiling height will not be allowed. A Sound Technician and microphone(s) will be provided. Acts MUST provide their own recorded music, instruments, props, etc., if needed. Recorded music MUST be on a CD or USB flash drive in an acceptable format (i.e. MP3 or WAV file).
  27. Acts requiring recorded music MUST bring it to rehearsal. NO changes to music selection will be accepted after rehearsal!
  28. Prizes will be awarded immediately after the show. Adjudication: Judges’ scores are based on 1) Overall Performance, 2) Audience Response, 3) Stage Appearance and Presence, 4) Originality, 5) Personality, 6) Creativity, and 7) Organization/Coordination. The recipient with the highest number of points will receive First Place Honors, and the second highest total will be receive Second Place Honors, and the Third Highest Total will receive Third Place Honors. All contestants will receive an honorary participant medal. A trophy will be awarded to the top 3 finalists.
  29. Music: All music must be on CD. Clearly label music with performer’s name and music title. NO LONG SILENT LEADS. One (1) song or track per CD.
  30. Act number decals will be applied to music as it’s received. Music should be retrieved from the sound table immediately following performance. We cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or unclaimed music. Unclaimed music will not be mailed.
  31. Props: Only those props that can be carried on by the performer or performer’s assistant and that do not require extensive set-up are allowed. Mats will be allowed if necessary but not provided. No fire, smoke, knives, throwing of glitter, etc. will be allowed. No live animals. Anyone caught disrespecting or fighting with others will be disqualified and will be disqualified from the competition.
  32. All participants must be listed on the registration form. NO EXCEPTIONS!